IELTS Insights

Published 2019-01-11

IELTS Score Percentiles

The IELTS exam is intended to help you open doors in a country where English is the primary language. It's not an easy test, as many students know, and often involves countless hours of preparation, either in a classroom or online. Do you know your IELTS percentile? This article can help you find out—and lucky for you that you've come across this, as it can really be a lifesaver for you in the application process. Who doesn't want to learn more about their chances of admissions with IELTS? Read on and learn more—trust us, you won't be sorry.

Published 2019-01-07

IELTS to TOEFL Score Conversion

If you've taken the IELTS, more than likely, you're all-too-familiar with the world of English language assessments. Ever been curious what your projected TOEFL score would be? Since the TOEFL is the other primary English exam on the market, it's a natural question to ask. If you have your IELTS score handy, it's easy to determine your IELTS score thanks to our helpful conversion tables!

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